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3 Tips to Choose the Best Paid Surveys

When you first sign up for a paid survey company, you may not get that many offers to complete surveys, so you can’t really be too picky.  You just have to take what you can get.  However, as time goes on, you will start to get more and more offers, meaning that you can start deciding which surveys you want to complete and which you want to pass up.  The tips below can help you choose the best paid surveys, so you make the most money possible for your time.

  1. Get paid in cash- The first tip for choosing the best paid surveys is to make sure that you choose surveys that pay you in cash.  Some survey companies will try to pay you in rewards.  They may even give you gift cards to specific stores.  Unless you just love any of the stores they offer or you like getting rewards, the best paid surveys will pay you in cash.  This way you can do whatever you want to do with the money that you earn from filling out surveys.


  1. Earn top money for your time- Before you fill out a survey, it should tell you how long it should take you to complete and how much you will get paid once it’s completed.  Your first instinct when choosing the best paid surveys is probably to pick the highest paying ones.  While this doesn’t hurt, it’s not always the best choice.  Instead, you need to pick the best paying surveys for your time.  For instance, one survey may pay you $50, but it may take you an hour to fill it out.  Whereas another survey only takes 10 minutes and pays you $15.  So, you should always weigh time versus payment.


  1. Enter sweepstakes- When you choose the best paid surveys, you may think that sweepstakes are just a waste of time.  However, depending on the grand prize, it may be well worth your time to take a few minutes and fill out a survey to enter.  Some of the sweepstakes have huge grand prizes.  While you may not win, you definitely have a shot at it.  Since it won’t take that much time, there’s no reason not to go ahead and give it a shot.  If you win, you’ll probably make as much money as you would filling out surveys for months.

These are just 3 tips that you can use to choose the best paid surveys.  Just keep in mind that you can only be this picky when you have plenty of offers to choose from.  At first, you will just have to fill out all of the surveys you get.  You want to build a steady track record with the company, so they will start to send you more offers.  Then you can pick out the best paid surveys.