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Get Paid to Take Survey- How Much Can You Make?

If you look up how much you can get paid to take survey online, you’ll probably see a million different answers.  Some people will tell you that you won’t get paid anything to take surveys, and others will tell you that you can make thousands of dollars per month.  So, who do you listen to?  Well, really neither.  Determining how much you can get paid to take survey is a little tricky.  It actually depends on many factors.

The first factor that determines how much you’ll get paid to take survey is how many companies you’re signed up with.  If you only sign up to one company, you may not get enough surveys to really make that much money.  However, if you sign up for several companies, you should be able to take as many surveys per day as you would like.  So, you can make as much as you would like.

Another important factor that will influence how much you can get paid to take survey is how much the companies pay you.  Compensation for surveys varies widely from company to company.  So, while one company may pay you $5 for a 20 question survey, another company may pay you $9 for the same survey.  So, choosing the highest paying surveys will help you make more money in less time.

The next factor you need to keep in mind is the number of offers you get for surveys.  When you first sign up to start taking surveys, you may not get that many offers.  However, the more surveys you complete, the more offers you will start to get.  Obviously, you’ll need to be able to fill out surveys regularly to make a good amount of money.  So, at first you won’t make as much as you will when you build a good reputation with the companies and start to get more offers.

Finally, the last factor in how much you will get paid to take survey is how much time you spend taking the surveys.  You could spend all day filling out five surveys, or you can complete those same surveys in less than two hours and have time leftover to fill out other surveys.  So, while you need to be thorough when filling out surveys, you don’t want to take too long, since quantity definitely matters. 

So, as you can see, there’s not really a cut and dry answer to how much you can get paid to take survey.  Hopefully, you do see, though, that it is possible to make money with surveys.  You may not be able to make several thousand dollars a month unless you plan to spend your entire day filling out surveys, but you can make a good amount of money if you put in the time and effort.