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How to Increase the Number of Top Paid Surveys You Get

When you sign up to make money filling out surveys, you definitely want to earn the most cash for your time.  The only way to really do this is if you get offers for the top paid surveys.  Unfortunately, you may not get these offers very often.  However, there are a few ways that you can increase your chances of receiving offers for the top paid surveys more often from the paid survey companies you’re signed up with.

  • Use more than one company- This is one of the best ways to increase the number of top paid surveys you get.  If you’re only signed up to one paid survey company, your chances of getting high paying surveys are much lower than if you are signed up to multiple companies.  So, try to sign up for as many companies as you can.  You may have to set a goal to add more to your list every day or at least every week.  Over time, you will have a great chance of getting tons of top paid surveys regularly.


  • Don’t ignore your profile- Often, when you sign up for a paid survey company, they ask you to create a profile.  This profile is what the company will use to determine the surveys that you will get.  If they have very little information about you, then it will be difficult for them to send you the top paid surveys, since the best surveys are usually targeted to a specific type of person.  So, make sure you take the time to fill out your profile completely.  You should also take any personal surveys they send you as well.


  • Take what you’re given at first- When you first sign up with a company, they are probably not going to send you the top paid surveys right away.  Instead, they send you smaller surveys and see how you respond to them.  If you continually skip filling these surveys out, the company may stop sending you surveys altogether.  However, if you always complete them, the company will start to send you more surveys that are higher quality until you finally start getting more top paid surveys. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can help increase the number of top paid surveys you get from paid survey companies.  Of course, the best tip is to be patient.  You may not get as many of these offers at first, but if you stick with the same company or companies, you will start to get more and more over time.  However, if you keep leaving companies too early, you will probably never be able to get many top paid surveys.