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Practical Tips for Taking Paid Research Surveys

Taking paid research surveys can be a great way to get extra cash.  Of course, the amount you can make varies widely, but there are some things you can do to get more out of taking paid research surveys.  You can follow the tips below to make sure that you get the most from every paid research survey you take.

  • Fill out your profile- The first tip for taking paid research surveys is to fill out your profile completely when you sign up for a paid survey site.  This is the information that companies will use to determine which surveys you will be invited to participate in.  So, be as honest as you can with your answers.


  • Don’t be picky- This tip for taking paid research surveys is especially important when you first sign up with a company.  In the beginning, you probably won’t be offered a ton of surveys and the ones you are offered won’t be the highest paying, but don’t ignore these surveys.  Try to complete as many as you can.  This will give you a good track record, and the company will start to send you more surveys.  After you’re established, you can choose which surveys to complete.   


  • Don’t ignore contests- When taking paid research surveys, some surveys don’t actually pay you when you complete them.  Instead, they give you the chance to enter a sweepstakes.  At first, you may completely ignore these types of offers, but this isn’t a good idea.  They don’t take too long, and it’s possible you could win.  Some of the contests offer huge prizes and large cash amounts that would take you months or even years of filling out surveys to earn normally. 


  • Submit surveys quickly- Another tip for taking paid research surveys is to complete them as soon as you can.  This may seem obvious, but the faster you complete a survey, the sooner you can move onto another one, which will help you earn more money.  So, if you have multiple surveys to fill out, try not to take too long filling each one out. 


  • Be patient- When some people first start taking paid research surveys, they get disappointed that they don’t have more surveys to fill out or the ones they’re offered don’t pay very much.  This is completely normal, so you just need to be patient.  The more surveys you complete for a company, the more you will be offered.  As time progresses, you will also get better paying offers as well.

These are just a few practical tips for taking paid research surveys.  If you follow this advice, you really can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month from the comfort on your own home.