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What Are the Highest Paid Surveys?

When you sign up to take paid surveys, you may think that this only means filling out typical questionnaires.  However, there are several different types of surveys, and some of them pay large amounts of money when you participate in them.  Below, you can see a breakdown of some of the types of surveys you could be asked to participate in and how much you could get paid for each one so you can see the highest paid surveys.

  • Taking online/phone surveys- This is definitely the most traditional form of paid surveys.  Companies will give you a questionnaire that you can fill out online.  Some companies even do phone surveys as well. These types of surveys can vary widely in price.  The longer the survey, the more you will get paid.  Some pay less than $1, while others can pay around $75.  The highest paid surveys will be the ones that take the longest to complete.


  • Watching movie trailers- This may not be one of the absolute highest paid surveys, but it’s definitely one of the most fun.  All you have to do is watch a new movie trailer that’s only a few minutes long and get paid.  Many companies will pay you around $4 just for watching a movie trailer.  So, you’re the first one to see when new movies are coming out and you get to get paid. 


  • Testing new products- Often, companies will send out a new product they want feedback on to a group of people.  If you’re chosen, you’ll get a free product to try out and tell the company what you think.  You can usually keep the product as a reward.  Sometimes, the company will also give you a cash incentive as well, but not enough to make this one of the highest paid surveys. 


  • Participating in focus groups- With a focus group, you will be on a panel with several other people.  The panel will discuss and share their ideas about new products, advertising ideas, etc. with the business that has assembled the focus group.  This type of activity can take several hours or several days.  However, it is definitely at the top of the highest paid surveys list, paying up to $150 an hour. 

As you can see, focus groups are definitely the highest paid surveys you can take.  However, you probably won’t get as many offers for them as you would for taking online surveys.  Of course, phone and online surveys pay really well sometimes, too.  So, while it’s always great to be able to pick the highest paid surveys, you don’t want to ignore the others, since they can add up pretty fast as well.